Smith Family | A Family Session

Where to begin? This family showed up with impeccable style and brought all love and feels with them. Mama's dress was picked from my client closet, which is available to you for any session! One of my goals for the year was to work on my family portfolio and book so many more family sessions because they truly speak to my heart. What could be more important than capturing all of you as a family together? Especially as your kids are growing up. You'll never have this moment with them again. They'll never be this little again. Think about those words and promise me that you'll book a family session to document it. Whether it's with me or any other photographer, DO IT! I'll be honest and say that I hope it's with me, because I have such a passion for capturing real moments and I'd love nothing more than to have a hand in telling your story.

Here's a look at the Smith family's story. Turn up the volume & press play.