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You’re probably wondering where “Elle” came from, aren’t you? Well, I have a sassy, sweet three year old daughter named Lily, so I took the letter ‘L’ from her name and made it ‘ELLE’. My daughter is the reason behind everything I do and my ultimate life inspiration. She brought light to dark times in my life and I will always see her as my driving force, so I named my business for her.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I thought I’d be & what I’d be doing, I would have said, “a photographer, I’ll figure out the rest”. Well, it seems I’ve figured it out. I took my first photography class way back in my sophomore year of high school and I fell in love with it. It was the one thing I could easily say that I absolutely loved and was passionate about, without question. So much that I went on to Kutztown University to pursue it even further. I received my Bachelor’s in Fine Art Photography in 2010. I wouldn’t be who I am as an artist without the incredible  mentoring I received in both high school and college. 

One of my mentors once described me as someone who seeks out the stunning.  It’s true. I’m always looking for the most beautiful light, the perfect location, the best angle. My work is an exploration of the way light touches and illuminates, telling a story, and creating a new and more beautiful way of seeing things. My style is a blend of simplicity and modernity, with roots in fine art photography. Film photography was the first love of my photography life, and now in the digital age, my images and editing style are film based for a timeless, vintage feel. It is very important to me that you as my client trust my vision as the photographer, as no one else has my eyes, my passion or my heart. 

I shoot with a photojournalistic unobtrusive approach. The only direction you will receive during on location photography is for formal photographs with loved ones or family. I want you to be able to look at your photographs and remember exactly how you felt in that particular moment, or to freeze time for the sake of capturing your beautiful children & their innocence. My intention is to capture real smiles, laughter, memories & love. 

I pride myself on making your session a reflection of you, and bringing a vision to life. My goal is for you to be comfortable in front of the camera and I am always willing to do anything I can to make your session the best ever. Whether it be bustling your wedding dress, snuggling your newborn to sleep or chasing your toddler. I will never be able to fully express in words how much it means to me to be trusted with your family’s precious memories. It fills my heart so much. This is why I love what I do. 

If you love what I do, I would love the opportunity to work with you. 

Please visit the ‘contact’ page to schedule your session.

I am based out of Nazareth, PA and my studio is located at 40 South Main Street, Nazareth.